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The Purpose of Kan Medical Care is

Appreciate Every Woman


About Us

KAN MEDICAL CARE is a professional health care center focused on women's health care, prenatal, postpartum recovery and cosmetic gynecology. You will be taken care of by our health professional team including: GTA Renowned Obstetrical Gynecologist, License TCM practitioner, prenatal and postnatal mentors, nutritionists, pelvic physiotherapists, and nurses. KAN MEDICAL CARE applies scientific principles, advanced technology and professional skills to address your problems, relive discomfort and improve your wellbeing and quality of life.

Main services:

  • Meal serviceS: Pregnant Women Meal, Postpartum Meal, Miscarriage Women Meal

  • Consultation services: eugenics and sterility programs, artificial conception, sperm/egg freezing, infertility, pregnancy preparation

  • TCM projects: female body conditioning, eugenics conditioning before pregnancy, nursing during pregnancy, postpartum recovery

  • Gynecologist project: O-Shot®, vaginal tightening and rejuvenation, labiaplasty 

  • Instruments items: skin rejuvenation, body shaping, firming and fat reduction, removing stretch marks

We KAN Care More!

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Other Line

Kan Medical Spa


+1 (437) 999 - 8188

90 Esther Shiner Blvd.,
North York, ON, M2K 1C2

+1 (647) 383 - 6931

5 Nipigon Ave.,
North York, ON, M2M 2V7

Our Professional Teams

Dr. Ko

Dr. Samuel Ko has always had a passion for health care and helping people feel better. He grew up in Toronto and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. After practicing for a few years, he knew he wanted to become a medical doctor to help patients at a more personal level.  He studied medicine at Queen’s University in Kingston, and graduated in 2003. He discovered a special interest in obstetrics and gynecology and completed his residency at the University of Toronto.  Dr. Ko began his independent specialist medical practice in 2009, now serving patients in both English and Chinese in the Toronto area. He is a Lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto. He has an interest in the teaching of trainees, including medical students and residents.

Dr. Ko is committed to delivering the best in all aspects of women’s health, with a particular focus on pregnancy from preconception through to delivery.  He is also a skilled surgeon who can address health concerns that would benefit from a surgical procedure. As part of his comprehensive practice, he also has a focus on cancer prevention. Through colposcopy, he diagnoses and treats pre-cancerous growths.  As an extension of his medical practice, Dr. Ko also serves as the Medical Director for Medical Aesthetic Practices, which offers a range of cosmetic procedures to enhance beauty and well-being.  Dr. Ko is committed to ensuring that all his patients look and feel their very best. 

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