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Postpartum Care

  Postpartum Hemorrhoids

After having a baby - especially after a vaginal delivery - many women develop hemorrhoids. Symptoms include pain, rectal itching, bleeding after having a bowel movement, or a swollen area around the anus. Occasionally, hemorrhoids form a painful blood clot. While these clots aren’t dangerous, they can be extremely painful. A doctor can treat this type of hemorrhoid with medicines or a minimally invasive in-office procedure.

                   Breast Care

Eighty percent of women have experienced mammoplasia, the normal or spontaneous enlargement of human breasts. Mammoplasia occurs normally during puberty and pregnancy in women, as well as during certain periods of the menstrual cycles. Breast tenderness or pain is frustrating. We offer therapeutic massage treatments designed to improve the blood and lymphatic circulation to the breast, which nourishes tissues and eradicates the toxins in your body.

        Better Body After Baby

We hear a lot of talk about getting back into shape after baby. We offer many different options to help you succeed in your postpartum recovery journey. We are fully equipped and certified to perform Thermage, BTL, Radio Frequency, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound to facilitate your recovery process.

Stretch Marks Remedies

Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, stripes, or lines that develop on the skin. They occur when the skin is suddenly stretched and are extremely common. We customize treatments based on the condition of your stretch marks. These treatments include RF Radio Frequency-based technology, gold microneedle dermal-rolling, Platelet Rich Plasma injection, and laser treatments.

                Vulva Care

Women suffer from stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and vaginal relaxation syndrome, pigmentation around vulvar area and many other gynecological diseases. In addition to posting health concerns, these symtoms might also affect the quality of sex life. We offer services including vaginal rejuvenation, PRP-based treatment, Hyaluronic acid injection into G-spot, Wink Feel treatment, and traditional Chinese medicine-asssited treatment to women experiencing these issues or concerns.

Diastasis Recti, Pelvic closu-re, Pelvis muscle recovery

The golden window for pelvic floor rehab and and diastasis treatment is between 42 days and a year after your childbirth. We offer physiotherapy and professional treatments to help ease your symtoms.

       Hormonal Changes

Between high prolactin production, no progesterone, potentially lower dopamine, and your other pregnancy hormones decreasing, your body is likely to see a series of changes after giving birth. You may experience pigmentation on your body, eczema or allergic dermatitis, and acnes. We provide a holistic solution that combines traditional Chinese medicine and other advanced technology-based treatment such as microneedling and laser therapy.

          Hair Loss Remedies

The cause of postpartum hair loss is multi-fold. For instance, the body experiences soaring estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy, which causes hair to remain in an ongoing stage of growth, creating thicker, more lustrous strands. Then your hormones level out in the months following childbirth. We offer customized solutions such as dietary therapy, PRP treament, or microneedling based on our assessment of your situations.

      Utero-Ovarian Care

All women deserve to enjoy a healthy sexual life. Sex is extremely beneficial to our health. Sex activates a variety of neurotransmitters that impact not only our brains but several other organs in our bodies. This service is suitable for any women planning for a pregnancy, in their menopause, having elderly pregnancy, or in puerperium.

Postpartum Sweating

Postpartum sweating helps rid your body of toxins. It creates a faster circulation of blood and forces cold, dampness, and toxins out of your body. Postpartum sweating also helps boost your metabolism. Please note that we advise against taking shower, drinking cold drinks, or eating fruit of cold nature six hours after postpartum sweating.

         Postpartum Lochia

Lochia is the vaginal discharge after giving birth, containing blood, mucus, and uterine tissue. Lochia discharge typically continues for four to six weeks after childbirth, a time known as the postpartum period or puerperium. If lochia is not discharged properly, your uterine may not recover fully. That's why ensuring timely lochia discharge is important. Theories of Chinese medicine offer a holistic approach to facilitating this process.

Areola and Vulva Lightening Treatment

Dark nipples and vulvas can be caused by several factors such as hormonal changes. Solutions such as laser treatment and PRP treatment can effectively lighten areola and vulvar.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Childbirth, pregnancy, weight changes and aging can cause the vaginal muscles and tissues to become relaxed, stretched, torn, and even protrude from the opening. These concerns can be repaired with vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Through an incision in the perineum (the area between the vaginal opening and the anus), the surgeon can remove excess skin and tissues, tighten the length of the vaginal canal, and reduce the size of the vaginal opening. This is a minimally-invasive surgery in which the patient can leave the surgical facility the same day after recovery from anesthesia. The results include increased self-confidence, comfort and greater sexual satisfaction.

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