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Body Contouring

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Ultra safe, ultra firm, ultra stunning.
All in one. One of a kind.

BTL EXILIS ULTRA™ is the state-of-the-art device for body contouring, fat removal, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.

Benefits & Advantages
  • Powerful body firming within just few treatments

  • Completely safe and non-invasive

  • Get in shape at affordable cost, focus on only the areas you want to sculpt

  • Fast and easy sessions, with no downtime

  • Results start to show in just 2 weeks

  • Great for different treatment areas to meet individual needs

  • Treatment session can be done within half to one hour depending on how large the areas you want to treat. Same area can be retreated after one week.

  • BTL EXILIS ULTRA™ is completely customizable. Our specialist will have a body contouring consultation with you, explain and answer any questions or concerns you might have with the treatment. After that we will have your session designed just to meet your needs.

  • Please book the consultation at least one week prior to your first treatment to ensure the best result. We will provide you all the information you might need before and after each session. Our tailored client service team will follow up with you regularly, we will work together to achieve your ultimate goals.

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